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Second Wind

Words & Art of Hope & Resilience

Edited by Kate Aver Avraham & Melody Culver

Published by Fireball Press, 2020


An anthology generated in response to these challenging pandemic times, Second Wind gathers the varied voices of community in prose, poetry and many forms of art to speak of how we get through 2020, make the most of our changed lives, and move toward a meaningful future.

Readers will find inspiration, humor and solace in the vibrant and organic sections of this collection. “Heartache in the Land” explores pandemic experiences and reactions. There are sections that look at loved ones and family; the political scene; musings of spirit, dreams and visions; creative expression; humor and play; and finally, reflections on the support and healing we receive from the abundant beauty of the natural world.

Second Wind is a combined endeavor, created with diverse artists and writers of all ages and backgrounds throughout the country, vulnerably and humbly sharing what gives them hope, what renews their spirits, and where they have found strength.

In the words of one contributor: "This anthology answers your questions about what to do in any difficult time . . . you gather friends, skills and possibilities, and create something that can tilt the balance of concerns for good."

Published November, 2020, 284 pp, $15.00

A healing, hopeful and beautiful gift for friends and family.

Individual copies can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

FUNDRAISER:  All profits from the sale of Second Wind goes to the

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County's Covid-19 Response Fund.

Purchasing here will send more of your funds direct to the fundraiser.

Also available through Amazon.


Second Wind includes work from 77 gifted poets, writers and artists

Remarkable contributors from throughout the U.S. and the world.

Lalo Alvarez,  Beth Appleton,  Ron Arruda 

Kate Aver Avraham,  Ursi Barshi-Vogel

Karen Bartholomew,  Dyana Basist,  Ellen Bass

Enid Baxter Ryce,  Laura Bayless,  Sandia Belgrade

Sarah Bianco,  Gail Brenner,  Kat Brown

Peggy Bryan,  Sonia Calderon,  Norine Cardea

Johanna Courtleigh,  Lauren Crux,  Melody Culver

d'vorah darvie,  Dinah Davis,  Laura Davis

Carolyn Davis Rudolph,  Lisa DeSocio-Sweeney

Joan Donato,  Marilyn DuHamel,  Pamela Eakins

Marigold Fine,  Carolyn Brigit Flynn,  Diane Frank 

Sara Friedlander,  Terese Garcia,  Finn Gratton

Dennis Hamilton,  Mary Kay Hamilton

Lawrie Hartt,  Susan Heinz,  Nancy Jones

Sally Jones, Carol Kline, Nina Koocher

Jennifer Lagier,  Jan Landry,  Kim Ly Bui

Jean Mahoney,  Joanna Martin,  Marda Messick 

Deena Metzger,  Gail Newman,  Robert Nielsen 

Cassidy Parong,  Maggie Paul, Clem Peterson

Dan Phillips,  Judy Phillips,  Jory Post

Bernice Rendrick,  Eva Rider,  Sarojani Rohan 

Donna Runnalls,  Jan Rupp,  Nora Sarkissian 

Linda Serrato,  Mariabruna Sirabella

Anne Stafford-Wade,  Ratna Jennifer Sturz

David Allen Sullivan,  Hali Tauxe,  Barbara Thomas 

Cynthia Travis,  Bill Underwood,  Patrice Vecchione 

barbara j weigel,  Deborah Wenzler

Anne Ylvisaker,  Karen Zelin

Second Wind cover back-crop.jpg


Kate Aver Avraham began her love relationship with words as a toddler, rewriting all her picture books! She has three published children’s books, including What Will You Be, Sara Mee? (Charlesbridge, Boston). Her poems have found homes in numerous journals and anthologies. Blue Light Press will publish her poetry book, Arms of My Longing, in 2021. Kate is a native of Santa Cruz now living in Aptos amidst the redwoods.


Melody Culver is a longtime writer and professional editor.   She is an adoring grandmother, a copy editor obsessed with her new dictionary, and an author liaison for independent publishing. She has collaborated on many books, including the anthologies Sisters Singing and The New Story.  Melody grew up on a farm in Indiana and has lived in and loved California for forty-plus years. She is delighted to collude with Kate Avraham on this anthology.

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