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Celebrating Sisters Singing is a beautiful, edited version of the unforgettable, standing-room-only opening night for the anthology Sisters Singing: Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry and Sacred Stories by Women on November 8, 2008. With more than 450 people gathered on a celebratory evening, the film has more than 25 poets and artists, and music from Alysia Tromblay and Kate Munger & the Threshold Choir. Celebrating Sisters Singing is a sacred love letter to the world, filled with the possibilities of human relationship with all that is holy. The film is an offering to anyone who loved the book Sisters Singing, to anyone who loves the spoken word, great music, unique art, heartfelt praise of the sacred. Here the sisters will make you laugh and weep and sing. They will help you believe in the world of human possibilities. They will call you into your own heart. They will invite you to love what is sacred to you, to elevate what you cherish into the great Heart at the center of the world. They will give you hope.


Celebrating Sisters Singing DVD

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