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A San Francisco Story
The Grit and Dreams of an Irish Immigrant Family

by Jean Mahoney

The tale of one family over four generations in San Francisco and the greater Bay area, told through historical narrative and lively historical fiction.

"An engaging, imaginative family tale.”

      — Patrice Vecchione, co-editor of Ink Knows No Borders             


"A warm, authentic, humorous historical fiction of her Irish ancestors and the early days of San Francisco.  These tales will live on forever."

            --Kate Aver Avraham, author of Arms of My Longing


About Sisters Singing Publishers

Sisters Singing Publishers is devoted to bringing forth the voices and creativity of women and under-represented communities: human, earth, nature, animal.

Formed by poet, author

and teacher

Carolyn Brigit Flynn,

we are an independent press that publishes occasional books, films and the arts. 

Tree woman image.jpg


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